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Do I Need Solar Panel Battery Storage or a Generator for My Solar Panel System?

solar panel battery storage

Once you have your solar panels installed and your utility company has installed your new bi-directional meter, you’re ready to start producing your own power during daylight hours, but solar panel battery storage can give you the ability to use your excess power at any time of the day or night. This can give your solar power installation much more versatility, and make it far more robust in the event of a grid outage.

Microinverters Help You Create Your Own Microgrid

Normally, homeowners that have solar panels are only able to use the power that the panels produce during the day, while that power is actively being produced. This power is combined and refined through each panel’s microinverter, which has a microprocessor capable of unifying the panels into your home’s microgrid. That means that even if the grid may be down during the day, no matter if it’s from severe weather or seasonal blackouts if your panels are operational your home will continue to have power.

Enphase Solar Panel Battery Storage & Microinverters Work Together Seamlessly

Each of the panels your Barrett Solar professionals installed has a microinverter built right in to avoid a single point of failure, these microinverters mesh seamlessly with the leading Enphase lithium solar panel battery storage. While the panels on your home produce power in nearly all light levels, much of that power is wasted if it isn’t immediately used or stored. The state-of-the-art battery and charge management of Enphase batteries means any power you produce that isn’t used is stored for those times when it’s needed most.

You Can Add A Solar Panel Battery Storage System At Any Time

The best part of your solar installation is that once the basics are there, such as your panels, junction box, and utility meter, the rest can be added in a relatively modular fashion whenever you like. If you decide you want to add power storage a year or two after you have your main system installed, that works just fine. If you decide you want to skip the battery but add a generator to minimize the disruption those severe seasonal weather events can cause, that works too. Customize your system however you see fit.

A Generator Can Give You Robust Adaptability

A generator is a great way to augment your solar system if you see times during the year when your power may be out for more than one or two days. In situations like these, even with the daily sun to help recharge them, the most aggressively large batteries will eventually be depleted when tasked with powering your whole home for several days. This is where you may want to add a propane or natural gas generator.

While this may not be as “green” of a solution for powering your home as your solar installation, it helps your home power system to be far more robust in the face of extended outages. Not only will it be able to provide enough power to easily run the appliances and devices in your home with the aid of your solar equipment, but in the event of a grid outage, it can also be used to help make up the charge deficit from your panels to keep your batteries fully charged.

Barrett Solar Can Help You Plan For All Contingencies

Producing your own power is great, but there are going to be times when you make more than your home needs, which is where a storage system can be an invaluable addition to your existing system. If you feel like it may be time for your home’s energy production to go to the next level, reach out today for more information from your local solar professionals at Barrett Solar. They can give you more information on the various options you have for adding versatility to your installation with solar panel battery storage or adding more resilience for extended outages with a Generac generator.

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