Cost Of Solar Panels in Missouri

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

The cost of solar panels in MO can vary based on your home, but the average cost is between $15,000-20,000. Here are some factors that can affect the cost of solar panels in Missouri:

  • What is your roof made of?
  • Is there easy access to your roof?
  • Does your roof have a lot of space?
  • Do you want basic or high-efficiency panels?
  • If you have a small roof area, you may need the higher efficiency panels. 
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How much does it cost to install solar panels in Missouri?

As stated before, solar panel installation in Missouri typically costs between $15,000-20,000 before any rebates or discounts.

After all rebates and discounts, the average first year total cash outlay is roughly $10,000.

What solar rebates and tax incentives are available?

Solar rebates and government tax breaks can save homeowners thousands of dollars on the inital cost of your new solar panels. Many states (including Missouri) have generous local incentives designed to make solar more affordable while also protecting the planet.

Here in Missouri, you could be eligible to receive discounts up to $.50 per watt saved! You can read more about these savings through the KCPL solar rebate program.

How soon will my system pay for itself?

As your new solar system generates electricity from sunlight, you’re able to rely much less on local utility companies. The time it takes for your utility bill savings to offset the cost of your solar panels is a popular topic and varies widely. 

The payoff period depends on how much you currently spend on electricity, as well as any tax incentives that are available in your area that might reduce the total cost of a system. In Kansas City, the KCPL offers incentive for going solar. This can result in substantial savings. In places like California and Hawaii, a solar system can pay for itself in 2 or 3 years!

Does my utility buy back the extra energy I produce?

Missouri allows for "net metering." This is where your meter actually spins backwards because you're generating more energy than you're using. If this happens, Missouri energy companies will allow you to use that excess energy at another time during the year. This results in even more savings! 

Who owns the newly installed solar system?

Yes! We don't lease or do power purchase agreements. When you pay for your new solar panel system, it is 100% yours for life. However, we will happily help you maintain it.

Solar lease

This is where you give a solar company authorization to install their solar panels on the roof of your house. You pay them a monthly rental fee and the solar panels provide you with energy.

Power purchase agreement

The vast majority of people already have a traditional power purchase agreement with their local utility company. Local utility companies run their lines to your home, and you pay for power as recorded by the meter.

Some solar companies will obtain your authorization to install their panels on your roof, and sell you the energy they produce, typically at a cheaper cost than you'd pay from your utility company.

With Barrett Solar, you own your panels

When you buy your panels from Barrett Solar, you pay more upfront for your panels, but generate free electricity for life!

How does solar affect my home’s value?

Definitely. First off, most buyers will find the energy savings to be very attractive. You hold a lot of power when you can tell a buyer your house will literally cost them hundreds of dollars less every month than any other house on the street. 

Solar systems and appraisal values

The monthly savings are just the beginning. The US Department of Energy sponsored a study that showed thousands of California home prices increasing by more than $15,000, due to having just a basic solar system. Selling Into the Sun Study if you want to learn more. 

Do you do solar leases or power purchase agreements?

No. When you buy solar panels from Barrett Solar, you're the owner. 

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