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What Is a Solar Community?

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We all know that renewable energy has made major headway within the industry for commercial and residential applications. Community solar is changing the way property owners view sustainable energy and are beginning to implement them into various commercial buildings.

The purpose for community solar is to share renewable energy resources with other people and reap the benefits without the hassle of private installation.

How Do They Work?

There are several ways to organize the use of community solar. If a utility-sponsored community has formed, that company will own and operate the solar array.

Finding community solar locally may not be difficult, but you will definitely have to do your research and see if you’re eligible to join in. Your designate utility provider may have information on sponsored communities near you.

Questions You Should Ask to Determine If Community Solar Is Right for You

How much am I willing and able to invest? Out-of-pocket costs can be quite large, especially for individual application. Community solar requires less of an investment on your part and can be a kind of introduction into the world without a solid commitment.

How much control do I need? Of course, if you have your own personal solar energy source, you have more control over what happens. However, the community solar applications will have professional technicians that are going to care for the maintenance.

What is the Future of Community Solar?

Renewable energy continues to move into our society, and with that, more advancements to ensure that we’re utilizing the energy efficiently. Residential solar installations will still be a viable option for commercial applications, but community solar is a great alternative.

Once local people realize that they can use this type of solar without breaking the bank, the increase in demand will drive further innovation, lower costs, and still support a healthier environment.

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