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Based on your business goals we can provide you with multiple solar energy systems to choose from that work best for your business to reduce or even eliminate your current electric bill. The funds you once used for your electricity bill can be allocated and invested back into your business. Many commercial solar systems have a return on investment that rivals traditional investments. A properly sized system typically pays for itself within ten years, and then the following 15-20 years of your system’s life are substantial savings that increase your bottom line.

Great returns with little to no effect on your cash flows

Federal and local incentives can help reduce the cost of your solar panel system while financing options for both profit and non-profit businesses allow you to install a system with as little as zero down. Worried you cannot receive the tax benefits that come along with solar? We have options!

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A professionally installed solar panel system

Adding solar to a commercial building has more complexity than a residential home. For that reason it is best to go with a trusted local expert in the field. We have extensive experience in designing and installing commercial solar energy solutions that help property owners lock in low energy costs, reduce operating expenses and boost asset value.

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Questions Answered

Get answers to your most common questions from Barrett Solar

Can solar save me money?

Yes, solar can save you money in a couple ways. Going solar can lower your monthly electricity expense as well as protect you from rising utility rates in the future. How much you can save depends on the utility rates you currently pay and the incentives available to you but going solar is a good investment regardless of where your building is.

What are my solar financing options?

Barrett solar offers many options to finance your commercial solar panel system. Your commercial proposal from us will include the finance options available to you. These may include an outright cash purchase, capital leasing, standard loans or a PPA. To learn more about these options, reach out to us today.

How long will my solar panel system last?

A solar panel system from Barrett Solar will be very durable and capable of generating electricity for 25 to 35 years. All the solar equipment we offer come with industry leading warranties which protect your investment for at least 25 years to come.

How much do solar panels cost?

The cost of a solar panel system will depend on many factors including the size of the system, the equipment, and the financing method. A solar panel system should be viewed as a major upgrade and because every building is different it is never good to base an idea of what something should cost off a ballpark figure. Barrett Solar offers completely free no obligation solar proposals and in most cases we can give you an accurate quote if you just provide your energy usage data and a few pictures of your building.

What happens if my solar panels are damaged with hail or by a large storm?

Generally it takes very large hail or a major storm to damage your solar panel system. After you go solar you will want to make sure your building insurance policy coverage includes your system so you will be covered for replacement if needed.

What size solar panel system will I need?

The solar panel system you need will vary based on many factors. It all starts by speaking with an accredited Barrett solar professional. We will ask you for your past energy usage data and will be able to size a system for your specific needs.

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We utilize the most advance software to evaluate your buildings solar potential

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Commercial Solar Incentives & Rebates

Commercial Solar Incentives & rebates are available – Commercial Solar rebates and incentives vary depending on where you live. In Kansas and Missouri, the largest incentive available is the 26% federal investment tax credit (ITC) which allows you to deduct 26% of the cost of your solar energy system from your taxes. Certain municipalities and utilities also offer cash rebates and other incentives. If you are a business in a rural area or a farmer, the USDA offers grants as well.

Barrett Solar has helped homeowners receive over 4.5 million dollars in eligible tax incentives and over $400K in local utility rebates.

Industry Leading Technology

Equipment with Performance and Durability in Mind. Barrett Solar Uses the Highest Quality Equipment Available, All Backed with Industry-Leading Warranties. You’ll Have Peace of Mind Knowing That Your Solar Investment Is Covered For Years To Come.

The Latest Solar Panel Technology

The Most Advanced Inverter Technology

Self Monitoring Capabilities

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We are fully transparent, easy to deal with, offer great communications throughout the installation process and we delivery high quality equipment at the lowest prices!

I checked a lot of solar companies and Barrett was the most reasonable. They explained everything and answered all my crazy questions. When I wanted to change the solar panel brand, they didn’t hesitate and let me buy Canadian instead of Germany or anywhere else. They did a super job installing it. They even took care of our metal roof snow guards.
Marge Maher

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Everything we do is designed to improve the customer’s experience with us. We have simplified the process for a homeowner/business owner to obtain a solar proposal. In most cases we can provide a quote digitally or over the phone!


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