Do Solar Panels Work In The Winter?

Do Solar Panels Work In The Winter

One concern many people have about solar is what happens when it snows?

Does snow stop solar panels from working?

It’s a great question. The short answer – Solar panels still work in the snow!

Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, so as long as there is sunlight it really doesn’t matter how hot or cold the panels are. In fact, like most electronics, solar panels actually operate more efficiently when cold!  

Ok so what about snow blocking sunlight from reaching the panels? Heavy snow will temporarily cover the solar panels but sunlight travels through snow quite well.

Solar panels are normally installed at an angle so once the panels begin to heat up, even with a minimal amount of light, the snow will melt and slide off.

The snow actually has an added cleaning effect, when the snow melts, it takes a lot of the dust and dirt with it.

Snow is also highly reflective, which makes the output of the solar panels increase, which makes up for short periods that the panels are covered.

Snow, rain, or shine, solar is a wise investment you should consider if you plan on owning your home for the next 5-10 years. 

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