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Solar Panel Installation With Barrett Solar

Whether you’re looking to go green in a commercial space or a residential property, our Kansas City solar installation team can help you find the perfect alternative to your high energy bills. If you’re just looking for more information, we’d also be happy to discuss more about how solar works. 

As one of Missouri’s highest rated solar companies, with a five-star Google rating and years of experience, you can be sure that our locally-owned solar company will provide the highest level of service. Serving St. Louis, Kansas City and most other cities in Missouri, we will provide you with quality workmanship and reliable service for your solar panel installation.

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Does solar really work?

Yes! Solar is becoming more and more popular for one very good reason - IT WORKS!

Solar panels work very simiarly to the old school calculator many of us have used. The big difference is that your calculator generated a fraction of the power that our solar panels can. The panels sit on your home and can easily power your entire house with a few hours of sunlight every day.

Solar power is still relatively new for homeowners. You may not know nayone using solar panels yet, becuase only in recent years has the price become more manageable. With that said, we've been using solar power in many different industries for years. 

How do I know if solar will work well on my roof?

Here are some factors that affect how solar works on your roof:

Which direction does your roof face?

In North America, roofs on the southern side of the house get the most direct sunlight.

Does your roof have a lot of space?

If you have peaks and valleys and gables all over your roof, space for putting large, flat solar arrays may be pretty limited. And if there are drain vents, chimneys, and AC compressors all over the place, we might have to get creative. Simple, wide open roofs are much easier to work with.

What is your roof made of?

The solar industry is a pretty innovative group, and we’ve managed to troubleshoot most situations. But if you have a tile or slate roof, it’s a little tougher to work with than composite shingles or metal. It’s not a deal breaker by any means, but it makes the installation a little tricky.

There are factors besides your roof that affect how well solar will work for you. Luckily, we’ve built an awesome tool to give you an idea of how much energy your roof could generate.

Can solar panels power my entire home?

Yes. This depends on how much roof space your home has, how much monthly power you use, and how much sunlight your house gets on a yearly basis. Most homes in Missouri have enough roof space to provide energy for the whole house, oftentimes, you can generate excess power which can be sold back or saved for later use. It's usually cheaper and more conveinent to get a full-sized system if you have a southern-facing roofline, but there are more efficient (and yes, expensive) modules available if you need to produce more power from a limited amount of space. It may not always be cost effective to do so, but it’s pretty cool to be completely energy independent.

Do people steal solar systems?

Not typically. Number one, they're usually pretty big. It would very inconveninent to move. Second, the equipment itself is only part of the overall cost, so for all of the hassle, it wouldn't be worth it. 

How long does it take to install a solar system?


Installation times can vary based on the municiplatiy. For solar panel installtions in Kansas City and other Missouri cities, it's usually just a couple of weeks to a month.

Most of the time, a solar panel installation can be finished up in three weeks, start to finish. At Barrett Solar, we put a ton of emphasis on reliability and making our customers happy.

Can I take my solar system with me if I move?

Solar panels in Missouri should stay with the house. Much of the cost of new solar panels is associated with the design and installation, which can be difficult to replicate on another house. With that said, a quality solar system like those from Barrett Solar will increase your home's value significantly.

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